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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Meter Maids on the prowl in downtown Memphis

Think twice before you park illegally in the downtown area. The meter maids are on the prowl and now they have help.

People all over the downtown area are noticing the difference. Meter maids are issuing more parking tickets and leaving little wiggle room for impatient parkers.

The city's engineering department hired Parking Enforcement Technicians to focus on illegal on-street parking, mainly in the Downtown and Medical Center districts.

The PETs, as they're called, are helping Memphis Police issue parking tickets in illegal loading zones, alleys, and the Main Street Mall.

The goal is to maintain the flow of traffic in the downtown area where tourists frequent much to the dismay of some locals.

"Everywhere I go always get a ticket. Just downtown mainly. That's where it really hits you...downtown. 'Cause they don't offer a lot of parking. I always get a ticket," driver Paige Pirkey said.

The surge in parking tickets is also a good boost for the city's coffers during this tough financial downturn.

The downtown area currently has 40,000 parking spaces.

New parking garages are under construction.

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