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Reported by Jason Miles

Only On 5: Mother of man killed during chase watches video for the 1st time

In a hail of gunfire, West Memphis Police closed the curtain on a high-speed chase that began across the river and ended on the front porch of a house near downtown Memphis.  It was nearly four years ago.

For the first time, Daisy Rickard can watch as her son and his girlfriend lose their lives.

"There's a hollowness inside that cannot be filled," said Daisy Rickard.

44 year-old Donald Rickard was behind the wheel of her car.  It was shot more than a dozen times before losing control.  All of it was caught on a dashboard camera.

"These policemen chased him, run him down, and shot him," said Rickard.

The amazing video was released as a judge decides if officers Tony Galtelli and John Gardner should finally go to trial on reckless homicide charges.  Their actions, and those of other officers, are still defended by their boss.

"They followed proper procedure and the law as far as we're concerned," said West Memphis Police Chief Bob Paudert following a hearing Thursday.

"I think a good officer would not have gone across the bridge," said Rickard.

She admits her son had problems.  She says he and girlfriend Kelly Allen were drug users.  Rickard can only assume why they decided to run after what was a routine traffic stop.

"My opinion is they were scared -- the were just, they were scared," said Rickard.

She wishes they had not started the chase.  However, she finds more fault with how officers decided to end it.   

If they go to trial, the officers will only face charges in the death of Kelly Allen.  Prosecutors concede Donald Rickard may have used his car as a weapon.  Judge John Fowlkes is expected to rule in September.

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