Memphis Zoo prepares for new baby elephant - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Zoo prepares for new baby elephant

The Memphis Zoo is preparing for a new arrival. One of the animals is pregnant.

Asali will be the first elephant to deliver a calf at the Memphis Zoo.

Zookeepers artificially inseminated her in September. The gestation period is 22-months.

The new calf will be born sometime in July 2009.

"We've made plans to expand the yard, it will be doubling the size of the exhibit.  We've just been getting her ready, making sure that she's healthy and in shape.  We've been exercising her a lot more just to make sure she's in good health at the time she's ready to deliver," Andrew Smith of the Memphis Zoo said.

Asali is an African elephant. She was born at a zoo in Texas.

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