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Reported by Nick Kenney

Leaky sewer still a problem at President's Island intersection

A Mid-South man called the Action News Five Investigators recently, complaining of huge sewage problems in one neighborhood.

In February, we showed you the smelly mess, taking over an intersection on President's Island.  Back then, the Memphis Public Works director promised the problem would be fixed within 3 weeks.

But now it's been more than three months, and the problem has not been fixed.

At the intersection of Riverside Drive and Jack Carley Causeway Monday, things were a mess.  The street was littered with raw sewage and construction barricades, and a green hose snakes through.  In an empty field nearby, a permanent sewer line used to control the overflow.

In this temporary solution, a pump vacuums excess sewage out of the permanent line and through a temporary line - above ground - that runs 300 feet across the field.  At Riverside Drive, the temporary line drops under the street, and runs 150 feet to the other side.

Another 450 feet later, the temporary line ends at the next permanent sewage line, where the excess waste is dropped off.

The problem: sometimes this temporary solution leaks.  It's been happening since February, when we first told this story.  At the time, the Memphis Department of Public Works promised results.  When we called Monday to check on their progress, city officials against promised to check into the situation.

Drivers on Monday said the only change was a bad one - a newly emerging sink hole.

"With all these tanker trucks, it's gonna fall in (and) cause some serious damage," one commuter said.

Drivers said regardless of how big the hole gets, or how bad the street smells, for now, all anyone can do is drive around the mess.

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