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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Cash has first meeting after a week assessing school system

Dr. Kriner Cash has been working on assessing the school system for the past week and for the first time today he met the public as Memphis city schools new superintendent.

A loud applause welcomed the man in charge of educating the children of Memphis,Tennessee.

"I wanted to meet as many people I can I think that's a good thing. There was a lot of good energy in the room," Cash said.
A lot of good energy. But not many parents showed up for Dr. Cash's welcome reception. He wants to create something called "demand parents." Where their input into their children's education is an important aspect to achieving better results.

"When demand parents start occurring, you start seeing the kinds of support. You start seeing in our very best schools in the district. So we're partners with parents and we want to help them as much as we want to hear from them," Cash said.

During his first week on the job, Dr. Cash had been meeting staff and administrators trying to get a feel of the district. Last week he took an hour and met with Mayor Herenton, a man who once referred to Cash as "third rate" during the superintendent search.

"Great meeting. Right to the point. Share a common interest that we want to see out of these schools he wants to support the schools. It's a vested interest for the whole city. We know that so it was a very good meeting. I enjoyed talking with Mayor Herenton," Cash said.

Kriner Cash also has his eye on the business community and what they want to see in a workforce.

"Talk to us about the kind of product they're looking for in their business and then I'm going to have some asks for them as well. I'm going to have some asks where we're short with resources," Cash said.
Lots of goodwill to the man hired to help the lives of so many.

The funding issue did come up briefly in tonight's meeting.

There is really no progress with the school system taking the city to court. There are some hearings and motions this week.

July 17th is still the injunction hearing date in chancery court.

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