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Reported by Janice Broach

Action News 5 Investigators: Shot in the Dark

Memphis Police consider the downtown restaurant and entertainment district as one of the safest parts of our city, but a shot in the dark five years ago shattered that security for the family and friends of one Mid-South chef.

A reward poster now hangs in the hall at Automatic Slims, the downtown Memphis restaurant where Kelly Wilson was a chef.
"It's really kind of sad that they haven't been able to apprehend the people that killed Kelly," Automatic Slims manager Darin Taylor said in a recent interview.

Wilson was murdered just a block away from his job, minutes after he got off work in the middle of the night.  He was shot in an alley where he was going to the restroom. He was able to stagger back to his car, but it was to late.

Wilson's father, Clayton, continues to grieve.

"What could this kid have done?  He was unarmed, and he was just going home from work.  That's all he was doing.  He was a good kid," Clayton Wilson said.

The frustration was clear in the voices of Kelly Wilson's parents, who have waited five years for their son's killer or killers to be brought to justice.

Susan Wilson is Kelly Wilson's mother.
"I feel like, as his mother, I cannot stop until I have done everything I can do for Kelly," she said. "It's his justice. It's what he deserves."

Memphis Police Major Joe Scott remembers the murder like it happened yesterday.

"The problem was no witnesses," he said. "We spent more than 5,000 man hours.  I made the scene that night, and the problem was it was 3:10 in the morning."

Scott said police need someone who saw something that night to come forward.  Even more frustrating, he said, is that investigators believe Wilson's killers are already behind bars for a bank robbery and carjacking.

Investigators said person once came forward with information about an SUV that had been carjacked the night Wilson was killed.  The tip led police to Little Rock, where police say the carjackers robbed a bank.  Unfortunately, Scott said, there's not enough evidence to charge the two men with Wilson's murder.

"We presented the evidence to a grand jury, but did not get an indictment," Scott said.

The case remains at a stand-still until a witness comes forward - or the two men already in jail confess.  Only then, Wilson's parents said, will they find any sense of closure.
"As a society we can't allow that to happen to our good people, we have to defend them," Clayton Wilson said. "I don't want to see another family go through this kind of grief we've had to go through. It's a life changing, life destroying event."

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