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Reported by Nick Kenney

Action News 5 Investigators get results for stinky sewage problem

The Action News 5 Investigators took action and got some results to a smelly problem.

Monday, the Investigators pointed out a problem with the intersection at Riverside and Jack Carley Causeway on President's Island. The intersection was littered with raw sewage and construction barricades.

Within a day, the city took action, dropping some steel that will stay in place until a permanent fix is possible.

As for the stink problem - the city is in the beginning stages of fixing that problem as well.

To fix a nearby sewer line nearby, city crews installed a pump and an above ground line. But regular commuters on President's Island say sewage often oozes into the street.

In an e-mail, city officials explained the delay. City crews could not make the repairs, so the city contracted out the work.

But fixing the sewer line requires contractors to dig 40 feet into the ground.  The problem - the intersection is not far from the Mississippi River, and a forty foot dig would flood the area.  Work crews must wait until the river stage drops to 17 feet.

According to the National Weather Service, it's just below 24 feet right now and will not hit 17 for another seven to ten days.

In the meantime, city officials said the temporary solution is, "no threat to the public health or environment."

There's one other way to fix the problem, but it would require the intersection of Jack Carley and Riverside be shut down for 15 days, something city officials said is not an option.

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