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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Wharton shares "Sustainable Shelby" report

The cost of gas has almost doubled since this time last year.

Amid the fuel crisis, Mayor AC Wharton released a Sustainable Shelby report. He said life as we know it will never be the same.

The plan involves seven committees, from natural resources to transportation.

The mayor just returned from Germany where he studied mass transit. He wants to make this one of his a top priorities.

The county, not including Memphis, spends $71,000 tax dollars per month on fuel alone. That is $852,000 per year.

Wharton wants to change that. Wharton wants the to study more direct routes for the Memphis Area Transit Authority system, revitalize closed roads, and add bike lanes.

"In Germany, gas prices are at $8 a gallon already and they've become accustomed to it.  They're not sitting around whining.  They simply got out of the car and got on the bicycle. Got out of the car, got out of the train or got on the bus and they're walking more.  Their neighborhoods are built differently," Shelby County mayor AC Wharton said.

The committees are encouraging four-day work weeks, creating Park and Ride facilities, and things like tax credits for carpoolers.

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