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Reported by Jason Miles

Memphis Police bust drug operation near day-care

Just feet away from where children run and play at Macon Road Baptist Church sits a convenience store.  It's now padlocked following a Wednesday night raid.

"It's just a fence protecting the playground -- that's it," said parent Michelle Channel.

She never imagined what police say was really being bought, sold, or traded so close to the kids.

"AK-47's," said MPD Director Larry Godwin during a Thursday news conference.

Police say the store was selling everything from high-powered rifles to hand-guns and hardcore drugs like Heroin and Cocaine.  Counterfeit cash was recovered too.

"These individuals will sell to the kids," said Godwin.  "They'll sell to anybody that they can to make the money," he added.

Detectives started watching the store more than a month ago.  The investigation eventually lead to the owner's house near Covington Pike and Raleigh-LaGrange as well.

"Right across the street from my own home," said one neighbor.  "I never knew any of that was going on," she adds.

The neighbor got worried about retaliation after our interview, so we agreed to hide her identity.

"At one point, it looked like there may have been 7 or 8 different people that lived there," said the neighbor.

Police say they were probably all involved in what was a major operation.

"This is going to make a big difference in the community out there," said Godwin.

It's a community that prays the clean-up will continue.

The store owner, Edwin Mayorga, and another man were both arrested.  More arrests are possible as the investigation continues.

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