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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Wal-Mart approved for Houston Levee and Macon

On Thursday, the Land Use Control Board approved a Wal-Mart super center at the corner of Houston Levee and Macon Road.

Planners opposed it, some neighbors spoke out against it, but one board member insists Wal-Mart will improve the area.

The idea of a Super Wal-Mart coming to a small four lane intersection in a remote area of east Cordova did not go over well.

"I wouldn't want a Super Wal-Mart. I wouldn't want one in my neighborhood. Why should somebody else," Nancy Eddins said.

Even city planners rejected the idea mainly due to insufficient infrastructure at the Houston Levee and Macon Road area. Then Wal-Mart came back with another offer.

"Wal-Mart is spending over 2 million dollars of their own money to improve the intersection. 800 feet in both directions on Houston Levy and both directions on Macon Road," Frank Colvett, Jr. said.

In addition to spending $2 million on widening both roads, Wal-Mart said the super center will be about 14 percent smaller than most. It will be a mostly brick building with earth tones instead of the blue and gray exterior and they agreed to stay for the life of the building.

"They have to guarantee the plant material will be alive forever so I think they've bent over backwards," Colvett, Jr. said.

Even though the city recommended rejection, Colvett and others on the Land Use Control Board said Wal-Mart did everything they asked and passed the plan 8-1.

The only thing that is standing in Wal-Mart's way now is city council approval.

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