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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Law enforcement breaks up Mid-South meth ring

Authorities have implemented a whole new wave of attacking the meth problem in West Tennessee -- from the front end of the crime.

Law enforcement from five agencies unraveled a meth ring when they noticed higher sales of pseudoephedrine in pharmacies in Bartlett, Drummonds, Memphis, Millington and Tipton County.

"It's when we started seeing an uptick in the violations of the precursor law that caused us to get alarmed and think that we needed to be a little bit more diligent," said Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell.

So, they put the Meth Free Tennessee Act into action for the first time and collected data from retailers. They found 11 suspects were going from store to store buying meth-making ingredients.

"They were purchasing. They also were cooks, they were cook helpers They were multi-tasking, quite frankly," Luttrell said.

The agencies involved in the bust say they have a new microscope on the problem and they're seeing more labs than ever.

"We have 341 labs that we've gotten in the state of Tennessee. That's up 16% since last year," said Roger Hughes of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

With this new way to fight meth, now tested and achieved, investigators say meth dealers have a whole new force to reckon with.

10 of the suspects are now in custody.

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