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Reported by Janice Broach

A good workout, or dirty dancing?

Bartlett Mayor Keith McDonald shut down Strip to Fit Friday night, claiming it's an adult business -- even though no one is ever naked.

"He said I had an adult oriented business, and I do not," said Strip to Fit Co-owner Rachael Vint.

Eccentric studios teaches Strip to Fit classes, stripping and pole dancing fitness classes for women that have become wildly popular in many cities.

Vint says the business was approved by the city attorney, but today a code enforcement officer shut it down citing the city's sexually oriented business law.

Vint had planned a weekend open house to introduce current and former students to the newly renovated studio with poles.

A note on the door read "closed", and the owners had to send the electrician and air conditioning workers home Friday after McDonald said he didn't want any pole tricks in his town.

Prospective students showed up hoping to attend the open house, only to be met by a note on the door.

"I think it's a fun way to exercise, something different that's not usually offered. It's just a fun time to get out with the rest of the ladies," said Jennifer Cardona.

"Its a great way to exercise, and it says on the website that there is no nudity," said Patricia Kennedy.

Vint ran into problems with the mayor when she added stripper poles as part of her classes. She says her students wanted them: "Everyone always said 'When do we get the poles?'"

Owners say students have already signed up for classes. Vint is looking at an alternative studio space in a shopping center in Memphis.

McDonald would not comment on the stripper poles: he said it's now in the hands of attorneys.

It looks like no stripper poles in Bartlett -- exercise or not.

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