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Reported by Anna Marie Hartman

'$5 Cover' to mirror experiences of Memphis musicians

When Brewer got Hollywood's attention, some wondered whether he'd ever look back.  But Memphis is in Brewer's blood. and he is now back in Memphis working with MTV to produce a new show, "$5 Cover, " an internet drama that will feature Memphis musicians and actors in short webisodes. 

"Memphis is an affordable place to live," Brewer said in a recent interview. "A lot of musicians have day jobs, but you know, they strap on that guitar or put those drum sticks in their hands and at night they're in a completely life, and to me that spells drama."

Musicians in the production will play themselves, and while it's not a reality show, it will mirror some of their real life experiences. 

"Some of that drama - stuff that people are usually into - it will be part of this, because it's definitely part of the music scene, and it definitely speaks to their song writing process," Brewer said.

Because MTV has given him complete creative control over the production, Brewer said he will be able to keep the show about Memphis and its music, and will he will be able to hire local crew members.

Brewer said he is not done making large scale productions, but he knows the internet is a creative avenue that cannot be ignored.

"I think we're coming into a time now where the divide between the internet content and facilities are going to be integrated with our television sets," he said.

$5 Cover will be free to watch online or download, taking Memphis and its music on a trip around the globe.  The production's website will include an online radio station featuring Memphis music, and a map of the city and its music venues.

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