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Reported by Lori Brown

City refuses landlord's offer to pay for speed bumps

A Memphis landlord is running into frustration after attempting to install speed bumps near an apartment complex he owns.  While some cities allow private citizens to pay for speed bumps, the city of Memphis does not.

James Carmichael, the owner of Goodwill Village Apartments, says cars speeding down Peres Street is a constant problem.  According to Carmichael, the cars create more than a nuisance - they're dangerous to the 500 children living in his apartment complex.

"I'd just like to see something done about it," he said.
But, even if Peres Street meets the requirements for speed humps, the city can't put them in this year because there's no money in the budget for them.

"Do we have to wait for something to happen before we actually do something about it?" Carmichael asked.

To help, Carmichael was willing to put up his own money to pay for the speed humps.  But the city's engineering department won't take his money, because it wouldn't be fair to communities that don't have landlords like Carmichael.
"We think it's important to be equitable in the way admin program and funding shouldn't be consideration of whether a street gets it or doesn't," said Wain Gaskins, Director of Memphis' Engineering Division.

Even if that means turning away money, Gaskins added. Carmichael said the city's response left him confused.

"Seventy-five percent of people who live here are children," he said. "I would have thought the city would want to do that."

After Carmichael learned that the policy is out of fairness, he offered to pay for speed bumps on another street of the city's choosing.  The Memphis Engineering Division said that also wouldn't be allowed.

Gaskins said he may review the program's rules with the Mayor and Chief Administrative Officers when the program is put back in the budget next July.

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