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Reported by Justin Hanson

Family members gather for reunion for 182 years

One Mid-South family has been holding it's family reunion in the same spot for the past 182-years.

The Taylor Family meets at Tabernacle, near Brownsville every year.

Its like a trip back in time. Rustic cabins, dirt floors, and family members enjoying time together on the porch.

"Its an indescribable phenomenon as far as I'm concerned," said family member Helene Chapman Kramer. 

But this isn't a time warp. It is part of a time honored tradition of the Taylor family.

They've been gathering at Tabernacle since the early 1800s. 

"People are loyal to it and have been loyal to it which has made the family not only survive but prevail the ways in which schedules get side tracked this day and time," said Dr. Joe Thornton.

The Taylor's of Tabernacle have been gathering on this very campsite since the year 1826. And now, over 600 family members gather in camps for food, family, and fellowship.

"I love to come back and there are so many people here I love."  said Aileen Smith, who traveled to the camp from Canada.

She said these gatherings take on a special meaning for her since her husband died several years ago.

"He said of course I want to be buried at Tabernacle because we've been so happy there," Smith said.

Many said it is the family's strong faith that keeps them together.

"The love of God, worship, the church is central to us. And the love of family and our wish to stay together," Thornton said.

And staying together is what they are determined to do.

"Young couples who are going to be moved, take on a new job. They have an understanding with their employer. One thing I've got to do, I've got to go to camp meeting," said Thornton.

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