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Reported by Joe Birch

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Trigg and Lauderdale


Broken windows...abandoned businesses...weeds uncut since last summer...this is Trigg and Lauderdale.

"Like here in the apartments," apartment manager Bennie Robinson pointed out in a recent interview.  "There's break-ins.  There's drug trafficking.  All types of things, and we really need a community."

According to the Memphis Police Department's online Crime Mapper, in the past thirty days in a half mile radius of Trigg and Lauderdale, there has been one homicide, nine aggravated burglaries, 17 domestic violence arrests, 17 larcenies, three motor vehicle thefts, 14 narcotics arrests, and three robberies.

Willie Mitchell's Royal Studio sits half a block away from where a murder happened just last week. 

"You never know what's going to happen, but they haven't messed with me, and this has been going on a long time," he said.

But the people who live near Trigg and a stretch of Lauderdale renamed for the Grammy winning Mitchell are crying out for change.

"We need to try to get our neighborhood together," said resident Gloria Simpson.  "Everybody need to come together and make the neighborhood better."

""Is there leadership in this community trying to take back this neighborhood? If there is, I haven't heard so," Robinson said.

Some say nearby churches are trying to revive this struggling community, buy the people await a leader to take back one of Memphis' most musically significant - yet crime challenged and poverty ridden - neighborhoods.

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