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Reported by Justin Hanson

DeSoto county classrooms going high-tech to help students learn

Thanks to nearly $250,000 in grant money, children and teachers in DeSoto County will rely more on computers this year to conduct the classroom.  Students in many classrooms will now be able to rely on interactive computers to help them learn.  

"I think it will be better in the classroom - it'll help me learn more than just writing it down on a piece of paper," said 5th grader Blake Loper.

Through Smart Board technology, students are able to learn their lessons by touching a computer screen.  Their work is then displayed for the entire classroom.

"The kids just really loved seeing the pictures and playing the games and learning through something they are familiar with, which is technology," said teacher Kristy Dunning.

Three hundred of these interactive boards are already in classrooms across DeSoto county, and thanks to new grant money, another 100 will now be added. 

Teachers are excited about the hands-on learning experience. 

"You do a lesson on dolphins and within 2 seconds, you can go to the internet and get pictures, video, and audio of dolphins," said teacher Alice Duett.  "It's amazing."

"The kids are so engaged in what I'm teaching - they like to be there - they like to play on the computer when they are really learning," Dunning added.

This technology also allows teachers to grade projects instantly.

"The teacher can see how good your grasping it and see how good your learning," Loper said.

A new learning experience that students and teachers say will make their jobs easier.

In addition to the new boards a new wireless communication system, NEO 2, will also be tested in several classrooms this year.

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