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Reported by Justin Hanson

Bartlett gives 'Strip to Fit' the go-ahead to open its doors

After a week of being frustrated and misunderstood, Eccentric Studios owner Rachael Vint says she'll be glad to get back to work.  After a week of discussions with the City of Bartlett, the studio that uses stripper poles to help women work out will finally be able to open.

"I feel fantastic," Vint said. "It's a great day."

Vint said glad the ordeal was finally over.  Last Friday, Bartlett officials closed her studio, fearing it was more than an exercise facility - something Vint's attorneys said is not true.

"I think we helped them understand that there was just no way for them to be able to show that this was a sexually oriented business which would have been zoned outside this facility, outside the premise," said Vint’s attorney, Char Claxton.

"When I took my business license to have it turned in today, they said, 'Oh, let me go check," and they promptly stamped it and gave it back to me," Vint continued.

Soon, the holes in the floor and ceiling will be replaced with poles, and glue on the walls will soon up mirrors.  Vint says this ordeal has been a lesson in patience.

"It's strengthened my fortitude, my belief in myself," she said. "The fact that I knew I could do it and that I wasn't doing anything wrong to begin with."

Other property owners were also excited to see this new exercise trend take hold.

"I felt it was Bartlett being on the front of one of the largest growing fads across the country," said shopping center owner Rosemarie Fair.

Officials with the City of Bartlett had no comment on the ruling. 

The first day of classes at Eccentric studios is set for July 28th.

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