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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Herenton and Cash meet in a show of solidarity

MCS filed a lawsuit last month after the City Council voted to cut more than $67 million from the district's budget.

This week, council filed a counter suit against the district, seeking $152 million in unpaid school bonds.

Thursday, attorneys for both sides came to chancery court arguing their position in front of a judge.

Thursday night, Mayor Herenton only wanted to talk about Dr. Cash, Memphis City Schools, and the fight for funding. And he tried to keep it all positive.  

On his 32nd wedding anniversary, Dr. Kriner Cash and his wife Lisa, both greeted city leaders in a reception for them at city hall hosted by the Mayor.

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Herenton showed with a handshake and hug where he stands with the school's latest superintendent.

"He brings to this challenge background and skills and moreover a passion to make the difference," Herenton said.

After the show of solidarity, Action News 5 asked the mayor about school funding. Specifically the two lawsuits in Chancery Court. MCS is suing the city council to restore city funding and the city council is suing MCS for unpaid bond money.

"I truly believe that their ought to be some compromises on school funding," Herenton said  

But right now that seems far off. Herenton said he does not agree with the city's countersuit and would like to see it all end.

"I'm not in favor of withholding funds from the city schools. That causes severe disruption for the education of our children," Herenton said.  
Tomorrow morning at Ridgeway high school, Mayor Herenton and Dr. Cash will meet on the basketball court in a friendly way to show that the two leaders are supportive of one another.

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