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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Herenton, Cash come together for students

Herenton and Cash embrace after their game. Herenton and Cash embrace after their game.

While attorneys for the city of Memphis and Memphis City Schools were in court fighting Friday morning, Mayor Willie Herenton and Superintendent Kriner Cash were in a showdown on the basketball court.

It was a morning filled with hoop dreams.  When he was hired, newly appointed Superintendent Dr. Kriner Cash scored the job that Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton had expressed interest in, but on the court, they seemed put that behind them.

"True leaders ought to demonstrate to the community that we can work together, and I want to make it emphatically clear that we are supportive of Dr. Cash," Herenton said.

So, the men decided to duke it out in a free throw contest at a city basketball clinic.

"If the mayor wins that's okay," Cash said. "Everybody wins."

Some shots were all net, while others hit the rim.  But the mayor and the superintendent decided to call it a draw to set a tone of harmony for the upcoming school year.

Students were thrilled to see the two men come together.

"I've never seen the mayor before and I've never seen the superintendent," MCS student Amber Holmes said. "It was a really good experience."

"They're like big superstars, like movie stars to us," student Bryon Cohen added. "So when we get a chance to see them, be that close to them, touch them, you want to touch them, because they've done so much for the city of Memphis."

The men told the children they'll work close to give them the best education possible.

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