Mid-south Colombians march for peace - WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee

Mid-south Colombians march for peace

"Stop the Violence" marches spanned the globe Saturday, as thousands rallied for peace in cities such as Lima, Peru, Madrid, Spain, Washington, and even Memphis.

As former hostage and Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt lead a concert rally and demonstration through the streets of Paris calling for Colombian rebels to release hostages still being held, Colombians in the Mid-south held their own march in Midtown. 
Local residents gathered at Overton Park to march in honor of Colombian Independence day, to celebrate the recent freedom of hostages from Colombian rebel group FARC, and to highlight the need to get FARC out of Colombia.

"We had to have a voice here today," said marcher Claudia Towell. "We may be a small group, but we're proud of who we are and we wanted to be here today."

Marchers say the group of Colombians in Memphis is small but growing, and they look forward to the day when FARC forces are out of Colombia. 

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