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Reported by Jason Miles

UPDATE: Congressional candidate connected to home burglary

Joe Towns Junior is running for Congress, but this is no campaign ploy.  His brother Ronnie's home was burglarized around noon Tuesday in a busy neighborhood near Bartlett.

"That is some serious, I mean, brazen stuff!" Ronnie Towns said.

The crooks used a crowbar to crack open the front door.

"He could have been married with a wife and child and they kicked down the door in the broad daylight," Joe Towns, Jr. said.  "You don't know who's home like that."

Chopper 5 was over the scene minutes after the trio left the house in a hurry.  They had been surprised by a deputy answering the call of a concerned neighbor.  They rammed his squad car before getting away.

"Fortunately, it was not on the driver's side, so he wasn't hurt," said Shelby County Sheriff's spokesman Steve Shular.

Unfortunately, the guys got away with two weapons.  One of them is a sub-machine gun.

"That's where so many guns used in crimes are taken," Shular said.  "They're literally taken during home burglaries."

"I pray to God they get 'em off the streets as soon as they can, because that's dangerous," Ronnie Towns said.

Towns claims the guns were locked up, but the crooks took the cases too.  They left behind other expensive items, like a guitar, when the deputy interrupted them.

"These are people throwing their lives away in what we still consider the greatest country in the world," Joe Towns, Jr. said. "Just throwing their lives down the drain."

The car used in the crime - a rental - was found behind a house in Orange Mound.  However, the guys with their guns remain on the run.

Late word is that told two people are being questioned. 

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