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Reported by Lori Brown

Eleven-year-old dies after witnessing carjacking

Eleven-year-old Logan Green was a boy a boy who loved swimming, soccer animals.

Logan's mother, Lisa Teeple, said he had big dreams.

"He wanted to be a zoologist and own his own zoo someday," she said. "He wanted to call it 'Noah's Ark 2.'"

A simple trip to Wal Mart put an end to those dreams.  Logan witnessed a carjacking that, with his asthma, was too much.

According to Teeple, they saw two men pull a woman out of her car.

"I could actually see the gun," she said.

At the sight of the gun, Logan started to panic.

"He said, 'Get us out of here! Get us out of here! We need to get out of here,'" Teeple said.

Teeple got Logan home as fast as she could to get him on his asthma machine, but quickly realized this attack was worse than normal.

"This one came on very quickly," she said. "This one came on very hard."

Logan died at Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center about 24 hours later.

Now, his parents hope the two men charged in the car jacking, Mario Evans and Robert Love, receive the punishment they deserve.

"If nothing happens, because of my son, I hope they take it to the limit with what he can be charged with, so some justice is served," Teeple said.

An MPD spokesperson said that, although the situation is very sad, since there's no evidence the carjackers intended to harm Logan, they likely won't be charged in his death.

Donations in Logan's honor can be made to Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center, or the Logan Greene Fund at Bolton United Methodist Church, 7237 Brunswick Road, Arlington, TN 38002.

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