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Reported by Ben Watson

Woman sees vision of Jesus in kitchen cabinet

Jeanna Addison loves to take pictures, but her photos have never gotten a reaction quite like the one she took hours after her brother's funeral.

"The image of Jesus showed up in this picture," she said. "That's what is so unique about it."

Unique, Addison said, because when you look at the cabinet in person, you can't see the image.  But after she got her filmed developed, the figure of Jesus on her dead brother's kitchen cabinet jumped out at her.

"It's just confirmation that my brother is in heaven with Jesus," she said.
Addison said the picture was a comforting sign since her brother, Pete Brown, died so tragically.  Last month, Brown was apparently sleeping with a gun in his bed when it went off and killed him.

"No the gun just went off and shot him in the leg," she said."No, he didn't commit suicide."

Addison said the picture has generated mixed reactions from the people she's shown it to..

"Nearly everyone at work said they saw it," she said. "Some people said they couldn't see it. I don't know if it's a spiritual level you have to be on to appreciate this picture, but nine out of ten people saw it."

And this story is far from over...Addison said she plans to go back to her brother's Arkansas home and take more pictures of the cabinet.

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