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Reported by Jason Miles

City attorney looking into ticket-fixing allegations

Officer Sampson Pryor was on the police force before the last brick was laid at 201 Poplar. 

A courtroom officer for the last eight years, Pryor's job is to make sure things run smoothly on the bottom floor: "That the court is safe and that order is kept," he said.

But Pryor says something seemed out of order recently.

Deputy Chief Jim Tusant entered Division 3 just as court began. "The chief asked me if I could assist him with a ticket," said Pryor.

The speeding ticket, court records show, was issued to local businessman Bradley Greer for going 64 mph in a 45 mph zone. 

Pryor says Tusant helped get the ticket dismissed. But he stops short of calling it special treatment. 

"How 'bout unusual?," said Pryor. "Possibly special, but certainly unusual."

It is unusual enough that City Attorney Elbert Jefferson is now investigating. 

Jefferson confirms the investigation comes at the request of Police Director Larry Godwin -- a full month after Judge Jayne Chandler threw up the first red flag in a letter to Godwin. 

Chandler put the case back on the docket to try and get to the bottom of it.

Officer Pryor can only speak for himself, but he says he's never seen a member of the command staff interfere with court proceedings. "Not to my knowledge," he said.

Pryor says clearing the air now could cost him his job. 

"What I tell you is the truth," said Pryor. "I'm not going to stand in front of the tv camera and lie."

An MPD spokesperson refused to comment on a pending case. 

Calls to Greer have not been returned, and there's no word from the city attorney on how long his investigation might take.  

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