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Reported by Andrew Douglas

10-year-old girl attacks gunman

A Cordova family attacked at gunpoint in their own driveway are thanking their 10-year-old daughter for scaring away the suspect.

The attack happened last Friday in the neighborhood between Sanga and Forest Hill-Irene Road.

A gunman approached Lori Beville and her daughter Morgan in their garage, moments after they arrived home from a church function. John Beville had already gone inside.

"He pulled the gun closer towards me and put it toward my chest," said Lori. "Pushed me back where I fell on the tool chest and chainsaw and everything, and then that's when Morgan took over."

When Morgan saw a man with a gun attack her mom, she says she simply reacted.

The little girl's parents taught her to fight if someone ever tried to abduct her. Not thinking about the gun, Morgan started attacking the man.

"If anyone tries to get me, just bite them, kick them...anything, anything possible," said Morgan.

The 10-year-old scared the gunman off. He made away with a purse, but other than a few minor scratches, the family escaped without injury.

But the emotional burden is tougher to overcome.

"Her innocence has been taken away. She's not going to look at things the same anymore because she is more aware that bad things can happen," said Lori.

The Beville family used to see their home as a safe haven.

"This guy took away our sense of security," said Lori.

The family fears if this attacker isn't caught soon, the attacks will be more bold and someone may get shot.

But they credit their little girl with keeping the family safe, and providing police with a description of the gunman.

"I'm very proud of her. She actually had a better desciption than I did," said Lori.

Investigators suspect the gunman is driving a gray Pontiac Grand Am that was stolen not far from the Beville's Cordova home. If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at (901) 528-CASH.

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