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Reported by Janice Broach

West Memphis police confiscate gambling machines

Police in West Memphis, Arkansas, made a major gambling bust this week, which they say could be just the tip of something very serious.

In the past two days, police confiscated five gambling machines from several different West Memphis businesses.

"It could be very serious and it could go farther than just gambling machines," said police chief Bob Paudert.

Investigators say customers puts money in the machines for a chance to win more money.

Police said the machines suddenly started showing up in West Memphis several months ago, but they don't know who's supplying them.

"One of our officers was in a convenience store in West Memphis and noticed a machine that appeared to him to be an illegal gaming device," said Mike Allen of the West Memphis Police Department.

Employees at Save a Buck and a local tabacco store said they were unaware the machines were illegal.

Police continue to investigate.

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