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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Radio host: Sell empty Pyramid on eBay

On eBay you can find just about anything...but what if you could buy the Pyramid?  It's a question a Memphis radio host is now asking.

WREC Radio Host Ben Ferguson gave his listeners an earful Friday morning, after hearing that Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton proposed demolishing the Pyramid Arena if the city doesn't get a good bid on the empty building.

"We've seen all sorts of things put on eBay," Ferguson said. "Why not put the world's largest Pyramid on eBay?"

After almost four years and no deal, there are two offers on the table: Memphis Economic Development Director Robert Lipscomb is working to bring Bass Pro Shops to the arena, and a local pastor offered earlier this week to put a mega church in the Pyramid for $12 million dollars.

Ferguson argued that eBay would draw better offers for the 32 story building, which is prominent on the Memphis skyline.

"The national news media will pick it up and you may actually get four or five national companies that go, 'Ya know what?  Memphis has got a pyramid for sale.  Let's call 'em and find out if we can do a deal,'" he said.

Shelby County Commissioner Wyatt Bunker said eBay was something to consider.

"Initially, I thought, I kind of laughed at it," he said.

But Bunker expressed doubt about Bass Pro's intention to take over the building.

"It doesn't look like Bass Pro is going to do anything seriously," he said.  "We've got a lowball offer out there that I don't think we should sell for, at least until we explore other options."

Ferguson said if city officials don't know how to list an item on eBbay, he'll show them how to do it.  He added that he's talking with his attorneys to see if he can put the Pyramid up for auction as a citizen of Memphis.

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