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Reported by Jason Miles

New details on alleged ticket-fixing by MPD

Defense attorney Ted Hansom represents Bradley Greer, the man who allegedly received help from Memphis Police Department's top brass in getting a speeding ticket dismissed in city court. Hansom says his client did nothing wrong.
"He just wanted to pay and get out of there," he said. "What occurred is routine."

Greer runs a Bogie's Deli and is a friend of police Director Larry Godwin.

"In this particular case, Mr. Greer had a problem at work, called and asked about what should he do and how could he do it," said Hansom.
Hansom says Godwin sent down Deputy Chief Jim Tusant. Greer paid his court costs, the case was dismissed, and he never had to wait in line.

On Thursday night, a courtroom officer risked his job by talking about what he had seen. He stopped short of calling it "special treatment."
"How 'bout unusual," said Officer Sampson Pryor. "Possibly special, but certainly unusual."

City attorney Elbert Jefferson is investigating the matter at Godwin's request, more than a month after Judge Jayne Chandler first expressed her concerns. She was not happy with Greer's ticket being dismissed. Chandler reinstated the ticket and plans to have a hearing of her own in August.

Memphis City Councilman Jim Strickland applauds Godwin for requesting the city attorney's involvement.
"I think them trying to squelch rumors and shed some light on things -- I thinks that's good," said Strickland. "I think it's a good idea there's an investigation."

Strickland says he's looking forward to hearing the results of the investigation.
Hansom has his own predictions regarding the investigation's outcome. "Any of the people who were involved, I don't think have any concern about impropriety or doing anything wrong."


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