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Jarvis Greer

Fulmer Calls Subpoena Publicity Stunt

Tennessee Coach Phil Fulmer Friday issues a strongly worded statement saying a subpeona for his testimony in a decade old Alabama recruiting scandal is aimed at distracting him from the upcoming season.

It's to appear in former 'Bama Booster Wendell Smith's Lawsuit against the NCAA.

Fulmer says the subpoena is a publicity stunt.

"I barely got out of the car and someone tossed me a piece of paper which I put into my briefcase with other papers and forgot all about it... The issue is it's all crap..dealing with a bunch of lawyers who couldn't win the case legally..and all they're trying to do is distract me and my team. The last time this happened we won the Division with two Freshman Quarterbacks so this will not be a distraction... It's unfortunate we have a few lawyers who want to use this to hype their own publicity... I'm a new Granddaddy so I could give a crap about anything in Alabama or anywhere else."

Alabama booster Wendell Smith is suing the NCAA for Defamation, and questions Fulmer's role as a tipster on providing money to a High School recruit against NCAA rules.

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