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Reported by Andrew Douglas

Fugitive poured boiling water on girlfriend

Police are searching for Ernest Smith, 32, one of TBI's top ten most wanted fugitives, who allegedly tried to murder his girlfriend with a pot of boiling water.

Neighbor Deborah Williams says neighbors need to be on the lookout.

Williams keeps a watchful eye on her corner of Alabama street. She lives right next door to Smith's former residence, now a run-down duplex at 696 Alabama in Memphis, which Williams and her husband insist is a haven for drugs.

"People transporting back and forth, in and out all times of night," said Williams.

Investigators say during a fight with his girlfriend in December of 2006, Smith poured a pot of boiling water on her, burning 35 percent of the woman's body.

"He needs to be caught for one. Yes he really do," said Williams.

No one at the duplex Friday knew Smith, but one man there tried to defend Smith's actions.

"You got females doing all type of stuff, robbing and everything. You can't really determine...you don't know the matter that caused that to happen."

But neighbors such as Williams hope Smith is soon captured. "For what he did? He didn't have to do that."

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