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Reported by Janice Broach

Beale Street Beer Bust

Memphis police have a message for Mid-South teenagers: Try to drink alcohol Downtown and you will be busted.

Officers are heavily patrolling Downtown streets in an effort to apprehend underage drinkers.

A bartender who works outside on Beale said a lot of kids come down there to buy drinks, armed with fake or expired I.D.'s.

Beale's free Thursday night concerts bring out droves of young people.

"On Thursday nights, a lot of boots and skirts girls...seems like they are drinking," said doorman Chris Rheinhardt.

Door person Margaret Spero Door concurs. "A lot of underage kids go to the concert just for fun, and see what they can get away with on the rest of the street."

Law enforcement recently conducted a beer sting in which they arrested almost 30 underage drinkers. The youngest was age 15.

Here's how it breaks down:

-18 Misdemeanor arrests for underage drinking, ages 18 to 20.

-9 juveniles arrested for underage drinking ages 15 to 17.

-3 people arrested for buying alcohol for a minor.

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