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Reported by Justin Hanson

Local marching bands fight the heat to prepare for fall routines

Members of two local marching band said Tuesday they enjoy the heat because it makes them work harder.

The sweltering summer sun was no match for high school marching band members in Covington.

"If they feel themselves getting woozy, they'll go inside (and) lay down," said Covington High School Band Director Alan Kinningham. "They're good about coming back out when they feel better."

In Munford, the tubas weren't the only things shining in the sun. 

"We're staying hydrated, and some people have to go sit down, but band moms are out there and give us Gatorade and water," said Munford Band member Jenna Stevens.

Every few minutes, band members gathered around coolers full of cold drinks to keep them from getting too hot.

"We treat them like student athletes," said Munford High Band Director Barry Trobaugh.

Tuesday’s triple-digit heat did not seem to bother the 170 member Munford High marching band, whose members have been practicing outside for three weeks.

"It gives us determination, because I don't want to keep doing this over and over," said band member T.C. Herrington. "We got to get it done...get it done quick."

"If these kids stay three weeks with us through 100 degree heat, they're not going anywhere," Trobaugh added.

Both bands practice all day long, taking a lunch break. Depending on the temperature, they may wait until later in the afternoon to begin their practice again.

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