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Reported by Ursula Madden

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Street Ministries

A Memphis group is going door to door to make the Taking Back Our Neighborhoods message a reality, hoping to put the Binghamton community on the right track by selling a message of faith.

If you look around the neighborhood, you'll see a neighborhood sagging under the weight of its own conditions: dilapidated houses, empty overgrown lots, and hourly motels.

And that's not all.  Crime is a part of life in Binghampton, and some of its surrounding communities.  

But there's something else.

"There's a change that's going on in Binghampton."

And a group of missionaries, led by Shaun Abram, want to be part of that change, by spreading a message of salvation and hope.  In pairs, they go door to door asking people to do some soul-searching. Then, they invite them to bible study at the Lester Community Center.

That's the question I want to ask you, brother," Abram said. "If you were to die right now, that you'd got to heaven?  Or is that something you say you're still working on?"

On the day we interviewed Abram, the street ministers of the Binghamton Community Church were pounding the pavement up and down Lester Street, and other side streets just north of Summer.

It was a trip they had made before, shortly after four adults and two children were found murdered in a house at 722 Lester.

"When we came over here knocking door to door, people's hearts were opened to hear the message of God," Abram said.

In fact, Abram added, at least seven people from the neighborhood have attended a Friday afternoon bible study since the missionaries began knocking on their doors.

"A lot of youngsters that we're trying to reach that got caught up doing the wrong things at the wrong time that had the wrong role models," he said.

Abram is acting as role model.  Five weeks ago, he moved from his home in Southaven, Mississippi. to Princeton Avenue in Memphis.  He wanted to be closer to his ministry, and to the community.

"You hear bad things about Binghampton, you do sometimes, but there's good people that's here," he said.

Every Monday morning the evangelists hit the streets in the Binghampton area, even taking their message of faith to Lester Street's hourly motels, hoping to make a difference in someone's life.

"Binghampton's changed a lot in the past five or 10 years, and if it keeps going the way it is, God willing this whole community - it's a brand new community," Abram said.

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