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Reported by Justin Hanson

Active shooter training could prevent deadly school situation

During a training exercise Thursday morning, deputies simulated what they would do when and if a loaded gunman entered a Tipton County school. 

With the click of a gun, Tipton County SWAT team members entered Brighton Middle school looking for a loaded gunman. 

Except, there was not one.  Thursday's search was practice for when the threat could become reality. 

"Our goal is to get to the threat and neutralize that threat," said Lt. Shannon Beasley of the Tipton County Sheriff's Department.

Thursday's training began in the classroom.  There, school teachers, administrators, and police joined together to learn what to do if a gunman opened fire during school hours.

"We're going to explain lock down procedures to keep their students safe, evacuation procedures to get students out of the building," said Lt. Jackie Setliff with the Shelby County Sheriff's Department.  Setliff lead Thursday's training exercise.

"Safety of the kids is paramount. That is the main reason we're focusing on the schools," said Beasley.

Deputies spent the afternoon practicing routines used to locate and disarm a school gunman.

And even though training like this is necessary, police said it could be prevented.  All students and teachers have to do is look for any suspicious behavior and immediately report it.

"Some of these other children will relay these messages back to teachers or principals, that's our intelligence is the main thing for us," said Tipton County Director of School Security Ricky Fletcher.

Once police locate the threat, they move the children to a safe place and notify parents, all part of a plan designed to keep schools safe and prevent potentially deadly situations.

The main message of Thursday's exercise was if a student or teacher sees something they think is suspicious, they should immediately report it. 

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