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Sales tax holiday gives shoppers a chance to save money

Starting Friday, Tennessee shoppers got a break from the tax man.  The Tennessee Sales Tax Holiday kicked off just in time for school, and shoppers said with the current state of the economy, it could not have come at a better time.

Shaorona Smith, a single mother of two, said the tax holiday helps her afford school supplies for her kids.

"It's very important. Being that I'm a single parent of two, one income, you have to be able to take advantage of a tax free holiday when it comes along," Smith said.

But even though shoppers are getting big savings, retailers said this weekend really is not different than any other weekend.
"We slowed down during the week, and we picked that back up because of tax free. But weekly it's about the same," Mark Glass of Target said.

And with the MCS funding battle, retailers said the list of school supplies is getting longer.

But with the expanded lists and failing economy, shoppers like Smith said this is a deal they cannot pass up.

"This weekend I'm probably going to save a lot of money because I'm shopping for two kids and being that everything...the price of everything has went up...I'm going to save a lot of money this weekend," Smith said.

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