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Reported by Justin Hanson

Child support office take bite out of dead beat parents

Friday is the first day of business in a new child support office in Covington.  Those in charge are looking forward to putting a dent in the number of child support problems in West Tennessee. 

Certainly we want to go after these people who are shirking their responsibilities under the law. This is not a victim-less crime as many believe," said District Attorney Mike Dunavant.

Dunavant is excited about opening a brand new child support office serving Tipton and Lauderdale counties. 

As paint crews put the final touches on the new facility, Dunavant said he is determined to do what it takes to get dead-beat parents off the streets.

"Revocation of a Tennessee drivers license, suspension of other licenses such as professional and hunting and fishing licenses, we can seize bank accounts and garnish wages and ultimately can put people in jail," Dunavant said.

Staff members are already busy answering calls from clients.

The District Attorney said his office answers about 1,800 calls a month and will service over 7,000 child support cases in Tipton and Lauderdale counties.
The office also has an investigator who will go after repeat offenders who don't make child support payments.

"For many custodial parents, you hate to rely on child support, but you have to especially during the summer when you have all of your children in some sort of care, you have to pay the people to care for your children," said parent Echo Denmark.

And whether its mom or dad, this office is determined to make a difference.

 "We're planning to go after them a lot harder, a lot stronger under the DA," said employee Sandra Bringle.

If you need help with your child support, call the office at 901-475-2535.  The district attorney also opened a new child support office on Highway 64 in Bolivar. 

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