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Reported by Andrew Douglas

People react following charges for child left in hot car

Police in Proctor, Arkansas say a couple left their child inside a hot car earlier this week.

The temperature inside that vehicle reached nearly 130 degrees.

Today detectives charged the parents of 16 month old Justice Sloan with Negligent homicide. A class A misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of one year.

The hurt remains in the heart of Tommy Driver.

"Cause the way the baby suffered. That's the thing," friend Tommy Driver said.
He remembers vividly the hysteria last Monday when 16 month old Justice Sloan was discovered dead outside a home in a car in Proctor Arkansas.

"It was just running going around the car for one thing. I didn't know what it was until they took her out of there," Driver said.
When officers opened the car door to get the baby out, it was 127 degrees inside the car. 
Officers charged the parents Cyneeka Morgan and Elliot Sloan with Negligent Homicide. 

"Yes it's really sad because I have a one year old brother myself so I can only imagine I can only imagine, made me think about my little brother," neighbor Tiffany Driver said.
The charge is a class A misdemeanor in Arkansas, coming with a maximum of one year.

So is that Justice for baby justice? Neighbors said yes.

"I think a lot of them agree on that. There's no doubt about that," Driver said. "I think it's the right thing.I mean I would agree I think it's the right thing."

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