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Reported by Chip Washington

Swarm of bees leaves one Bartlett resident frustrated

Bartlett is usually considered a quiet area, but for one resident, a swarm of bees has her frustrated and the neighborhood buzzing.

Homeowner Andrea Sorensen said the bees are swarming inside her chimney. Some bees have even made their way inside her home.

Sorensen said the infestation has been a problem for about eight years, and usually occurs when the temperatures warm up. She's tried everything to get rid of them, but no one seems to have an answer for the pesky insects.

"We've had bee keepers come out," she said. "We've had pest control services come out and spray. The bee keeper said there is no way to really get rid of them unless you remove the entire honey comb and the queen bee."

Sorenson said she has been told that to do that she would need to tear down the entire front wall of her home.

Sorensen said her concern was heightened when her youngest son, who is allergic to bees, was stung two weeks ago.

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