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Reported by Ben Watson

MCS introduces high-tech security badges for students

Expect to see some new high-tech security tools in use this year inside Memphis City Schools.

Middle and high school students will be required to wear computerized identification badges.

"If the student is tardy or something like that, they will come into the attendance office and just swipe their card...and in less than four seconds, they are off to class," said Kenneth Pinkey with MCS Security.

Called automated student tracking cards, the badges provide student information, such as whether a student is tardy and if they're authorized to be in the halls. A quick scan will tell if a student has broken any rules, and what type of punishment has been scheduled as a result.

New MCS Security Chief Gerald Darling brought the card concept with him from his former school district in Miami. He says the badges will help keep better track of students. "So we can identify them and make sure they are supposed to be on campus, and are officially registered with the Memphis City Schools."

Security officials say the badges will help make Memphis City Schools a lot safer. They also come with portable scanners that will enable security officials to use the cards at places like the cafeteria, athletic games and other school fuctions.

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