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Reported by Janice Broach

Firefighters rescue two children from rushing waters

Memphis Firefighters rescued two children from water-filled ditch Thursday afternoon in the 3300 block of West Winchester Place in Whitehaven.

Late Thursday afternoon, water was still high in the ditch, located next to an apartment complex, where the two boys fell in and had to be rescued.

Witness Carlos Liddell said he heard a boy crying for help, and saw the child holding on to a tree as treacherous waters swept past him.

"He said he had a friend with him," Liddell said. "I said, 'Where is your friend?'  He said, 'I don't know.  I don't know.  He was with me.'"

That boy, Mike Sullivan, Jr., was swept almost a half a mile away.

"He was on Brooks Road," said the boy's sister, English Thomas.  "He was walking from off Brooks.  It pushed him that far.  The water pushed him that far.  He was in his boxers walking down the street."

Shun Brown said he was with the two boys, but didn't get in the water.

"I tried to pull Mike out," he said.

Neighbors said it is common for area children to use the ditch as a shortcut to get to another nearby apartment complex.  The ditch, they said, often fills up quickly with water during heavy rains.  It was exactly what happened Thursday.

Officials with the Memphis Fire Department said both boys were in stable condition late Thursday afternoon.

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