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Reported by Chip Washington

Actor and son of a civil rights leader faces Memphis judge

An actor and son of a civil rights leader faced a Memphis judge Thursday.

Nick Latour, whose real name is E.D. Nixon, Junior,faces a disorderly conduct charge.  He is charged with assaulting a Northwest airlines flight attendant and throwing a punch at a Memphis Airport security officer.

Latour told the judge he was bumped twice before by two other boarding passengers and simply put his arm up to block the flight attendant when she reached above him.

Latour said security officers asked him to leave the plane and what happened next left him in a very emotional state.   

"It was humiliating, frightening and it was scary. All of the sudden, I'm down there with two or three men holding me down and all of the sudden my heart started beating and I really thought I was gonna have a heart attack and they did, too because afterwards they sent me to the hospital," latour said.

The judge dismissed the case and all charges were dropped.

The local chapter of the SCLC helped LaTour by paying both his bond and court costs.

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