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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Email reveals new details about Bass Pro at the Pyramid

An email to Memphis Economic Housing Development Director Robert Lipscomb reveals some of the inside plans and concerns about moving forward with the Bass Pro Deal.

The Pyramid Committee handed out the correspondence at a meeting Thursday afternoon.

It shows the city and county are serious about bringing a Bass Pro Shops retail store to the Pyramid Arena.  Local developer DSG Capital Realty Group has agreed to work with Bass Pro, planning to retrofit the arena.

They would build seven to nine floors.  Bass Pro would take up the first floor, and they would add convention space, using the other floors for mixed-use operators.

The email also revealed concerns that there are a great deal of items missing from the arena, especially restaurant equipment.

But, the operators of the Pyramid claim it's all accounted for.

The president of Bass Pro is coming to Memphis the 25th of this month for the big announcement.  Planners hope to have everything signed by September 15th, calling that the final extension for Bass Pro.

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