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Exclusive photos show Fullilove slumped over inside car

Exclusive photos obtained by Action News 5 show Memphis City Council member Janis Fullilove slumped over in the front seat of her car outside a Tunica casino Wednesday night.

One picture shows Fullilove clearly laid across the armrest of her car, while the other shows what appears to be a casino security guard standing outside her car.

JASON MILES: "That was last night at Fitzgeralds?"

Fullilove agreed to talk with reporter Jason Miles in her front yard, still wearing the campaign shirt she has on in the photos.

"I had taken a couple of my pain pills, and I was ready to go," she said.

Fullilove said she popped the pills after she failed to find the girlfriends who accompanied her on the trip to Fitzgeralds Casino.

"They drove me down there," she said.

Fullilove said a security guard, like the one in the photos, drover her home to Memphis after helping her out of her car.

FULLILOVE: "I didn't not want to drive in Mississippi."
MILES: "Because you can't?"
FULLILOVE: "Because I can't."

Fullilove is prohibited from driving in Mississippi after pleading guilty in June to driving under the influence of prescription drugs.  The Action News Five Investigators have confirmed that Fullilove was detained at Sheraton Casino hours before that arrest.

She was banned from the premises for 24 hours.

MILES: "The amount of pills you take...is it a problem?"

Fullilove offered no direct answer, but said pills would be a part of her life forever.

FULLILOVE: "I'm in a lot of pain all the time."
MILES: "People say they're praying for you."
FULLILOVE: "I know, and I thank them so much."

Dealing with the effects of the medication is something Fullilove says she is working on.

Tunica County Sheriff's officials were never called to Fitzgerald's Wednesday night.  Casino officials would only say that they take care of their guests, something for which Fullilove said she was very grateful.

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