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Reported by Dave Cera

Stovall set to try for gold in Beijing

He is the first male swimmer from Memphis to ever make the Olympics, and soon, 22-year-old Gil Stovall will find out if he has what it takes to win a medal.

It was at the pool at the University of Memphis that Stovall would train 20 hours a week as a teenager. Ultimately, he went to the University of Georgia, where all the practice paid off. He owns the NCAA record in the 200 meter butterfly.

"That was when I knew he was going to make the Olympic team," said Stovall's sister, Dottie.

Stovall will only swim in one event in the Olympics - his specialty, the 200 meter butterfly.

Dottie was hoping to join her mom in Beijing, but with her wedding coming up in September, money was pretty tight.  Until her neighbors Lori McCaghren, Lauren Keel, and their families got involved.
They sold some 350 t-shirts, which raised enough money to buy Dottie's plane ticket and hotel, with a little spending money left over.
So, with the help of her friends, Dottie will be in the stands half way around the world to cheer on her brother.

And she won't be counting him out when it comes to beating Michael Phelps for the Gold.

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