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Reported by Kontji Anthony

Mayor Herenton supports effort for Fullilove to face health issues

Memphis City Council member Janis Fullilove has always been a strong supporter of Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton. Friday, he supported the effort for Fullilove to face her health issues.

Action News 5 caught up with Herenton during his lunch to ask his thoughts on the photos of Fullilove.

"I don't feel real comfortable discussing the issues that surround Janice," Herenton said.

Fullilove was slumped in the driver's seat of her car outside Fitzgerald's Casino in Tunica in pictures taken Wednesday night.

"I had taken a couple of my pain pills," Fullilove said in an interview Thursday.  Fullilove said said she was sleeping off medication for back pain when someone snapped the photos.

"Obviously there are some health issues with Janis. I wish her well," Mayor Herenton said.

Fellow council members said Fullilove's health issues have never compromised her duties on the council, but they hope she can get well.

"When you have chronic pain, it's gonna be a struggle and it's real easy to slip over the other edge, and I hope she's taking all the precautions she needs to take to make sure she manages her health problems and doesn't create new ones," council member Shea Flinn said.

Those who work closely with Fullilove call her a good person and a hard worker.

"She said to me very clearly, 'Mayor, I want to be an effective public servant,'" Herenton said.

Her colleagues hope she can come to grips with her health issues.

"I hope she can come to grips with whatever the issues are and be an effective public servant," Herenton said.

Fullilove also asked for prayer.

Tax dollars do not pay for healthcare for City Council members.

Though Fullilove said she was not under the influence of alcohol that night, Mothers Against Drunk Driving is reacting strongly to the photos.

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