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Reported by Janice Broach

Helena/West Helena mayor imposes 24 hour curfew

The mayor of Helena West Helena is pretty hardcore when it comes to the curfew. If you live in a certain ten block area you will probably be stopped and asked to prove you should be there.
Police are saturating the so-called curfew zone in Helena West Helena Arkansas.

One man had to show identification.  Then officers checked him out to make sure he had no outstanding warrants.

The 24 hour curfew started last Thursday.

Mayor James Valley says before the curfew, people were shooting all kinds of weapons. Some of the bullets hit houses and cars but fortunately no people.

Police will not tolerate loitering or just hanging out and will stop anyone driving, riding a bike, even a riding lawn mower.

Several people said they do not really like being stopped to show their I.D. but they said it is worth it to get rid of the crime.

Other people said it is a violation of their rights and they consider it harassment.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Arkansas wrote a letter to the Mayor saying the curfew is unconstitutional and it should be stopped immediately.

The mayor said he plans to continue until the crime is stopped in one area, then he will move to another crime ridden area.

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