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Reported by Nick Kenney

Hope Presbyterian opens doors to the city for Hayes memorial

The funeral itself is a closely guarded secret. But on Monday, there's a memorial service at Hope Presbyterian Church that is described a musical tribute to a worldwide icon. 

It's no secret that music legend Isaac Hayes was a Scientologist. In fact, religious leaders describe Hayes as hero of Scientology, a religion often in the center of controversy.

Hayes died this past Sunday afternoon in his home. A public memorial service is scheduled for Monday morning at Hope Presbyterian Church.

"It falls in line with out mission the same way that we hosted seven different graduations this spring," Rev. Craig Strickland of Hope  Presbyterian Church said.

The church is centered around Christian beliefs that are different from the central beliefs held by Scientologists.
But Hope Senior Pastor Craig Strickland said Hayes' service will be right at home under the church roof.

"This is strictly a tribute for the community for a very prominent member of our community," Strickland said.

Strickland said the church's mission is acceptance...regardless.

"Hope is a church for unchurched people. On Monday when this musical tribute to Isaac Hayes happens here at Hope, there will be thousands of people who might not normally come through our doors. It gives us a great opportunity to say this is Hope Church," Strickland said.

Church officials said the weekly congregation reaches upwards of seven thousand. They are expecting nearly as many for Hayes memorial service.

Strickland said all are welcome.

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