West Nile Virus symptoms

Health concerns about the West Nile and insecticides have many people turning to their doctors for advise.

Calls have been pouring into local clinics about the mosquito transmitted virus.

Doctors say people should not panic, less than one percent of infected people actually develop the fatal form.

The majority of those who get the virus won't get sick, or will have minor symptoms like sore throat or swollen glands.

Experts say there is no cure, but once the virus run its course, and the body becomes immune.

As far as the sprays, doctors say the ones being used by health departments have been thoroughly tested, and officials have weighed all the risks.

Doctors say at most highly sensitive people may be allergic to the sprays.

Symptoms of overexposure include a rash and nausea, but doctors say sprays used by the health department have been tested as safe.

There have been no human cases of the West Nile Virus in Tennessee.