West Nile scare has neighbors turning in neighbors

Concerns over the West Nile Virus have some people dropping a dime on their neighbors.

Mosquitos that spread the virus lay their eggs in standing water which is why people are being urged to change the water in bird baths and clean out swimming pools.

Some of those who ignore the suggestions are being turned in to the health department.

Inspectors will come out and tell you how to correct the problem.

If you ignore the inspector, you'll get a citation and end up in environmental court.

Keith Robinson with Vector Control told Action News Five most people don't realize there's a problem. "Most of them correct them right away because they don't want to get West Nile either. They don't want to get bit by mosquitos"

Since November, more than 185 complaints have been logged.

If you have a similar problem, call Vector Control at 324-5547.